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The Antisingularity Theory. The Universe consists of only 3 types of things

The Antisingularity Theory as proposed by the Superblur Art Movement states that the Universe consists of only 3 types of things. The Antisingularity, Singularity and the expansion of the Singularity. Our observable Universe is in the inside of an expanded Singularity (The Big Bang). There is no time inside a Singularity and there is also no time inside the Antisingularity, only when a Singularity begins to expand can time exist.

In our Universe, the expanded Singularity, the Antisingularity exists only in a Black Hole. The space between the Singularity and the Event Horizon is the Antisigularity (Scientists still refer to this as a Void, Nothing, Vacuum).

The Antisingularity is the opposite of the Singularity. Therefore it can be described with Mathematics.