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The Antisingularity Theory in Superblur

With the Antisingularity Theory the Superblur Art Movement states that the Universe consists of only 3 things. Singularities, the Antisingularity and the expansion of the Singularities. We call what Science today call a vacuum, nothingness, nothing, void etc the Antisingularity. Volume is infinite and gravity is zero.


Conrad Bo explains his Antisingularity Theory in context of the Superblur Art Movement

We in the Superblur Art Movement used a book by Ian Steward, The 17 equations that Changed the world in our art. We used the equations in the book randomly and then said, that the equation that we written on the piece of art is so complex we do not even know what it all means.

Me (Conrad Bo) and May Wentworth had a Superblur Art Movement meeting today 25 March 2017 where we discussed the Singularity in a Black Hole. We also talked about how we can incorporate the mathematics of the Singularity in our art.

The antisingularity is where gravity is equal to zero and volume is equal to infinity.

Here is some photographs by Conrad Bo that have nothing to do with what I just said.




Conrad Bo. Paintings so complex I do not even know what it all means

The idea of making my paintings so complex that I do not even know what it all means was only made possible with a different way of thinking about art. Normally artists want to express what is inside of them and then convey that message to the viewer. But to make a painting so complex that as an artist you do not understand the full meaning that is in front of you, an external source is needed. There was two books that I used to achieve this. The one was the 5 Equations that Changed the World and the beauty and poetry of Mathematics by Michael Guillen, and the 17 Equations the Changed the World by Ian Stewart.

I then proceeded and tried to combine the manifestos of the Superstroke and Superblur Art Movements, with the equations in the above mentioned books. The results were very interesting and it gave complete new meanings to the paintings. In conjunction with the above I also added AELIC, which was a method I was using to be able to understand the correct way to Debit and Credit entries in Accountancy like a machine.


Calculated Chaos in the Superblur Art Movement

As an artist and a member of the Superblur Art Movement there is a constant flow of ideas. One of the advantages of being in an art movement is the idea that the collective mind is better than the individual mind, if everyone has a similar purpose. The book by Butler Shaffer (Calculated Chaos) opened up a whole new way for me (Conrad Bo) to add extra dimensions to my halftone dot paintings. The halftone dot paintings need to be done in a very structured way in the beginning, which is the calculated part. The chaos comes afterward when I start to throw and splatter paint to add extra dots and texture to the paintings. But sometimes I hit a dot and the whole picture disappear. Then back to being calculated by adding the correct dots again so that the picture can be seen again.