Calculated Chaos

Calculated Chaos in the Superstroke Art Movement

The thinking at the moment of the Superstroke Art Movement is that we have done a few exhibitions in this year and last, that was almost but not completely understood by the general public. The exhibitions was maybe not even understood by ourselves as there was quite a lot of controversy at the Tennis Club next to the Ellis Park indoor arena. The exhibition called the Second, was made of found objects by me (Conrad Bo) and there was only an intervention with pink and white enamel paints. The powers that be said that we did not have permission for a sculpture park at the site, and we must remove it as there is a very important tennis tournament coming up. The Second refers to the Second World War, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, The Second World War and the Second Calculated Chaos. Hopefully we can resolve this with Ellis Park so that we can fully install the exhibition soon.


IMG_20141012_164838 20141006_164140 20141006_164258 20141006_164307 20141006_164317 20141006_164322 20141008_141617-EFFECTS 20141008_171658 20141008_172432 20141012_125317 20141012_125320 20141013_182126 20141013_182133 20141013_182142 20141013_182148 20141013_205544 20141014_100337 20141014_100347 20141014_100353 20141014_114026 20141016_110314 20141016_110709 IMG_20141012_164630

For more information regarding Calculated Chaos, and the references we used in Superstroke follow this link for a book on Calculated Chaos. Calculated Chaos: Institutional Threats to Peace and Human Survival Paperback – September 7, 2004
by Butler D. Shaffer


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