In the Superstroke Art Movement we say a lot of things that does not make sense, but that is still better than sayin nothing at all.





In the Superstroke Art Movement we try to be the opposite of the Superflat Art Movement (Founded by Takashi Murakami, and we (Superstroke) consider it the no one 21st century art movement in the world at the moment).

In the Superstroke Art Movement we use the concept of the oxymoron a lot.



The manifesto written for The Superstroke Art Movement is as follows:

1. Paintings and sculptures should be executed using expressive even violent brushstrokes on at least some part of the picture or surface.
2. Should a photograph be used for a figurative painting, the objection should not be Photorealism, but Expressionism. 
3. If mediums such as pen, pencil, etc are used, the pen and pencil strokes must at least be overly expressive for it to be considered a Superstroke picture.
4. Paintings can be executed in both the abstract and figurative.
5. Subject matters such as Africa, light, dark, life and death are encouraged.
6. Collage, Stencil and Calligraphy may be used for impact.
7. The concept, Art for the sake of art, does not apply in Superstroke. In Superstroke it is art for the sake of Superstroke, as the artist must always strive for paintings rich in texture, or excessive brush or pencil strokes.





Hu Xiangcheng, Conrad Bo




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