Diezel. Member of the Superstroke Art Movement

Diezel is a member of the Superstroke Art MovementImageImageImageImageImageImage

Artistic Statement

Superstroke Artist Diezel paints large canvasses with an industrial pop art feel by using bold expressive brushstrokes, symbols and writing, to comment on issues like morality, beliefs and identity.

In all of Diezel’s work + (plus) signs are present that represent hope and positivity. “My work is influenced by the vulnerability of people, their situations, emotions and their beliefs. I use dripping paint and scribbles to symbolise experience and  animals who are metaphors for the complex conditions humans exist in.”

Diezel paints in the ‘Superstroke’ style. The Superstroke Art Movement, was founded by famous South African artist Conrad Bo and is a reaction to the Superflat Art Movement, of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami. The Superflat Movement focuses on flatness and two-dimensionalism while the Superstroke Movement uses expressive brushstrokes and criss-cross movements (+ signs) in their work.


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